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Cachoeira Organic Coffee: a Real Taste of Nature

The production of Cachoeira Organic Estate Coffee is a faithful to the principles of  organic and biodynamic agriculture. The entire process, from soil preparation to harvest is carried out with respect for nature and its cycles and the all important balance with the environment.

Cachoeira Organic Estate Coffee is product of high quality witch respects both workers and consumers, biodiversity and quality of life. We grow Cachoeira Organic Estate Coffee in Santo Antonio do Amparo in the south of Minas Gerais state at altitudes between 1,000 and 1,200 meters. The care we take in the harvest and the preparation of the beans results in a specialty coffee which we export to European, American and Japanese markets. The Cachoeira Estate has complete facilities for processing and exporting its specialty coffees.

Since that settling time and up to these days, Mr. Fernando Paiva´s family, through five generations has learned how to plant and process high quality coffee. To get to know the sustainable production process for our coffee close hand come for a stay at Cachoeira Estate, our authentic colonial period plantation house remodeled into a charming hotel.  The estate has been in the family since fundation, 160 years ago.

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